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What Fees will be Charged?

aINSIGHT charges by transaction for our services. Our pricing includes the cost of the product (i.e. the county criminal search) and the cost of our labor to perform the research. Some of our services incur additional fees, or what we call “Mandatory” fees. These are fees imposed by the agencies who house the records and are charged to aINSIGHT to allow us access to those records.

aINSIGHT practices a “pass-through” fee structure wherein we only charge these fees as they occur and without markup. Some fees are known, and some fees vary and cannot be known until the transaction has processed. Utilization of a pass-through fee model is inherently the least expensive since fees are only applied when necessary and without markup.

Our prices and fees are always clearly identified on your invoice. Each transaction billed will reflect aINSIGHT’s price for the service with a separate line indicating the additional fee, if any.

County Court Fees:

4% of counties in the country may charge a court fee.  This fee is in addition to Ai’s listed search fee.  A county search is not available in certain jurisdictions in NY and is a statewide search. The NY Statewide access fee is $95.00. A complete list of courts that charge such a fee can be requested and is publicly available on our website in our client resource center:

Other Fees

Education Verification: if verification requires use of the National Student Clearinghouse, another third party, or if the school itself imposes a fee, those fees will apply.

Employment Verification: if the verification requires use of The Work Number or another third-party employment record company, fees will apply. Specifically, use of The Work Number incurs a $109.50 pass through fee.

Driver License Verification/Motor Vehicle Reports: if the state charges a fee to access the record, fees will apply.

Statewide Criminal Records: if the state charges a fee to access the record, fees will apply.

International Services: Please request our most up-to-date listing of available countries/services. Fees vary by country/service.

Please note: States/Counties reserve the right to change their fees without notice. The rates on our website reflect most recent rates provided by the jurisdiction.

Drug Testing & Occupational Health Services

Clients utilizing aINSIGHT as a Third-Party Administrator (TPA) for drug testing and/or occupational health services pay Ai a fee for the service which includes the cost of the product (i.e. the drug test) and/or the cost of our labor to perform the service. Prices and fees are clearly identified on your invoice as follows:


  • Price of the Drug Test
  • Price of the Specimen Collection
  • Service-Based Fees if any
  • Other Clinical Fees if any


Drug Testing: Drug tests will not incur additional fees. The price of the drug test includes the cost of the test itself at the laboratory, any related shipping charges, Medical Review Officer services, and the labor needed to coordinate the test result to you.

Specimen Collections: specimen collection fees will be passed through, without markup.

Service-Based Fees: Ai provides many TPA services to our drug testing and occupational health clients. These services include (but are not limited to) provision of chain of custody forms (electronic and/or paper), specimen collection appointment scheduling, physical exam or other occupational health service appointment scheduling, follow-up services to ensure appointments are completed, random program management, etc. Our clients can elect to associate all or none of these services with your drug testing and/or occupational health needs.

Other Clinical Fees: If you utilize one of our many occupational health services (i.e. physical exams, vaccinations, X-Rays, etc.) you will be billed the cost of the service from Ai and the fee imposed by the clinic to perform the service.

Ai bills a fee for our TPA services for occupational exams, vaccinations, and other clinical requirements. As a TPA, we incur soft costs to maintain our 30,000+ network of clinics who provide these needed medical services, to ensure your account is set up and ready for use at these clinics, to pay upfront for the services needed and the labor utilized to coordinate delivery of the results of the service to you. Our fee to you is strictly for our service in this regard, as your TPA.

Our clinic partners impose their own fees for occupational health services. aINSIGHT practices a “pass-through” fee structure wherein we pass through the clinic’s own fee for the Physical Exam, Vaccination, etc. as they occur and without markup. These fees vary and can be known ahead of time once the clinic is identified as part of your network but are not priced with your proposal.


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