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State Farm Packages now available through aINSIGHT.

aINSIGHT provides Criminal Background and Drug Screening services to support the SERVPRO® franchisee network with accurate and timely results.

Follow our easy setup steps:

  1. Contact us to start your set up
  2. Complete and return the Account Set-Up Documents
  3. Watch training videos to activate the account

Once your account is set up, use our secure and easy to navigate web-based platform to select a predesigned screening program and monitor status and results. We will be with you every step of the way for assistance and guidance, with dedicated in-person help.

Maintain a drug-free environment by allowing aINSIGHT to administrator your drug-testing requirements. Partners with our network of over 30,000 specimen collection sites, medical review officers certified in all 50 states for Lab-based testing, or instant oral testing can be facilitated.

Accredited through the Professional Background Screening Association and certified by the Substance Abuse Program Administrators Association as a Third-Party Administrator (C-TPA).

Criminal Background Screening

  • National and International Background Screening Coverage
  • Electronic Ordering and Reporting
  • ID Badges
  • Statistical Test Summary Reports

Drug Screening:

  • DOT/Non-DOT (urine, oral, instant, blood, breath, hair)
  • Alcohol Screen – DOT/Non-DOT (urine, breath, blood)
  • Collection Site Identification
  • Specimen Collection and Analysis (Laboratory)
  • MRO Services including expert testimony
  • Statistical Test Summary Reports
SERVPRO Franchise Services and Pricing
SERVPRO® Franchise Initial Background Screening Package - NAPA Requirements$43.75, plus fees
SERVPRO® Franchise Background Re-Screen Package - NAPA Requirements $38.00, plus fees
SERVPRO® Canadian Franchise Background Package - NAPA Requirements $38.00, plus fees
STATE FARM 5.1 Package - NAPA Requirements $96.50, plus fees
STATE FARM 5.2 Package - NAPA Requirements $55.50, plus fees
US Nationwide Drug Screen 10-Panel DOT or Non-DOT urine drug test$19.00
Lab-Based Oral (Saliva) Drug Screen 6-Panel Fluid Test$23.00, plus fees
Lab-Based Oral (Saliva) Drug Screen 9-Panel Fluid Test$25.00, plus fees
Intercept Device for Oral Testing$5.00
Instant Oral (Saliva) Drug Screen 6-Panel Fluid$13.00, plus fees
Additional Items
Motor Vehicle Record$2.00, plus fees
Consent Based Social Security Number Verification (CBSV) Service$7.00
Employee Color Photo ID Badge with Case$10.00
Supervisor Training$30.00
Plus fees, where applicable:

County Court Fees
Education Verification:
if verification requires use of a third-party system, or if the school itself imposes a fee, those fees will apply
Driver License Verification/Motor Vehicle Reports
Statewide Criminal Records
Drug Testing:
If elected, you may be billed drug test collection fees and scheduling fees. Please contact your account manager for more information about drug test pricing.

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